We are inviting people to join us in pledging to become bias-resistant. Joining the pledge implies:

1. Acknowledging We’ll Always Have Bias
Instead of insisting we are impartial, or aware of our biases, we accept that we are human beings who will always still have some bias.

2. Committing to Mitigate Biases
Recognizing our bias, we commit to make regular, ongoing, evolving efforts to prevent those biases from influencing our professional decisions.

3. Developing Fair Processes
In order to prevent bias from impacting our decisions, we work hard to develop fair processes and take feedback to learn ways to keep improving them.

If you agree with these three ideas and you would like to join our Bias-Resistant Campaign, click here to fill out this quick form. You will receive free bias resistant tools to incorporate in your practices and access to images you can use to show you are bias-resistant.

Here are some example images participants can use to advertise their involvement in the bias-resistant campaign: