MH Mediate has developed Trauma-Informed and Bias-Resistant Resources for courts around the country, as part of a project with the CUNY Dispute Resolution Center made possible by funding from the AAA-ICDR Foundation.

Visit to create a free account and access the twelve core resource guides, including:

Becoming Trauma-Informed

  • Appreciate How Trauma Manifests Differently For Different People
  • Develop Trauma-Informed Practices to Support Anyone Who May Have Had Difficult Experiences
  • Understand Power Dynamics and How They Relate to Trauma
  • Be Sensitive to Diverse Experiences and Traumas Associated with Protected Classes of People

Being Bias-Resistant on a Daily Basis

  • Use Accessibility Principles to Make Your Practices Welcoming, Inclusive, and Usable for All
  • Have Equitable E-mail Practices that are Responsive, Friendly, and Thorough
  • Be Careful with Identity Comments to Avoid Microaggressions
  • Understand Improper Disability Inquiries and Other Inappropriate Questions

Responding to Challenges with Unbiased Procedures

  • Respond to Challenging Behaviors Consistently, Safely, and Without Acting on BackstoriesĀ 
  • Use Behavior-Based Capacity Criteria to Address Capacity Concerns Without Stigmatizing Conditions
  • Respond Effectively to Complaints About Stigma, Microaggressions, and Discrimination
  • Practice Self-Care to Cope When Experiencing Secondhand, Vicarious Trauma